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Whether it be an individual location with no access to terrestrial infrastructure, or a large corporation seeking a complete revamp of its WAN, MERKOM NETWORKS will be able to exploit its extensive network of partners and resources to deliver a service or bespoke solution according to a customer’s unique requirements

Managed Services

Wide Area Networks and connectivity should not attribute to operational concerns. “The system is off” will be a bygone with a MERKOM-managed service. Not only does MERKOM provide means of interconnecting customer locations to its central systems, but also manages and maintains those end-to-end communication services to provide peace of mind. Whether it be VPN, MPLS, SD-WAN, WiFi, internet access or VoIP, MERKOM takes care of customers’ WAN woes so that they can focus on their cashflows.

Managed services

Terrestrial Connectivity

Time is of the essence. The faster data can be transported to its destination, the better. By using the shortest possible path from point A to point B, MERKOM will integrate either fibre or wireless, in some cases both, with a customer’s network to ensure a most reliable and low latency solution for your WAN. MERKOM has partnered with various fibre and wireless providers throughout South Africa and Africa to ensure viable and reliable services can be provided to any location where business expansion is required. International connectivity to all major POPs globally available on request.

Satellite Connectivity

Undoubtedly the black sheep of the telecommunication family. VSAT services are however extremely versatile and can be deployed nearly anywhere: rural areas, farms, lodges, mines, oil rigs, ships, trains, cars, even in densely populated areas while waiting for fibre to be rolled out. MERKOM’s managed VSAT services can incorporate VPNs, VoIP and ERP systems and has deployed many VSATs to underserviced areas to facilitate connectivity. Albeit a bit slower than terrestrial connections, it does provide a reliable means of connectivity where no other mediums are available. A MERKOM-managed VSAT is also ideal for a backup solution in the event of failures on copper and fibre infrastructure, typically in an SD-WAN-type setup.

VoIP & Hosted PBX

Adopting Voice over IP can first and foremost drastically decrease costs versus expenditure on legacy PBX’s and fixed lines. Local as well as international call rates are much more competitive. In addition to being a cost-saving measure, Hosted PBX solutions provide numerous features at minimal cost: digital receptionist, ring groups, call routing, central management, mobility, conference calls, video conferences and so much more. Whether your requirement is a single VoIP Channel or a fully managed Hosted PBX, MERKOM‘s VoIP & Hosted PBX solutions will satisfy any requirement.

Fever Screening

MERKOM’s Thermal Monitoring Solutions (TMS) are ideal for Fever Screening of to alert personnel of increases in body temperature. Solutions range from Rapid Deploy and temporary units to fixed, fully managed, local network integrated systems. TMS includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which can not only detect human faces, but also incorporates facial recognition for access control and mask detection for Health & Safety purposes. MERKOM will provide turn-key delivery of TMS as well as management and monitoring, training and on-site support.

Customer Support

MERKOM provides services of the highest quality and reliability. It does however happen from time to time that the smoke that make electronics do what they should escape its enclosure, or that excessive cloud backups prevent business-critical applications from functioning properly. For these unfortunate occasions, MERKOM‘s Networks Operation Centre, NetOps @MERKOM is available for any technical enquiry relating to a service between 06:00-22:00 every business day. Service hours can be extended up to 24/7/365 and/or include on-site support, with additional SLAs.

Service Portfolio

Business Fibre

FIBRE is the preferred communication method of businesses. MERKOM can provide FTTB connectivity throughout South Africa and Africa. Services include L2 or L3 PtP, or DIA, from 10Mbps to 1Gbps and even more. All FIBRE services are 1:1, uncapped, unshaped, no FUP applies and fully managed end-to-end by MERKOM .

Business Microwave

MICROWAVE and wireless services have a much further reach than fibre infrastructure. MERKOM’s MW Services include Broadband or dedicated L2 or L3 PtP, or DIA with bandwidths from 10Mbps to 400Mbps. All MW services are uncapped, unshaped, no FUP applies and fully managed end-to-end by MERKOM .


A HOSTED PBX solution holds multiple advantages, from minimising OPEX to centralised management and improved functionality with three simple plans, in one powerful communications system. MERKOM‘s VOIP services can be provided throughout South Africa with local prefixes. MERKOM will manage and monitor the service remotely.


VSATs are by far the most versatile, easily deployable and reliable high-end business connectivity solution. MERKOM can deliver VSAT internet access to customers anywhere in South Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa on request. Services are Broadband DIA and fully managed end-to-end by MERKOM .

Fever Screening

Our Thermal Monitoring Solutions(TMS) are ideal for Fever Screening to alert of body temperature increases. Solutions range from Rapid Deploy and temporary units to fixed, integrated solutions. TMS includes AI which detect human faces, facial recognition and mask detection. MERKOM provides a turn-key delivery and also management and monitoring, training as well as on-site support.


With over 15 years of experience in the ever-changing telecommunications industry, MERKOM has experienced the connectivity and technology evolution from ISDN and dialups to DSL and MW to fibre. MERKOM can evaluate your existing network and connectivity solution(s) to advise on the latest trends and technological advancements in the telecommunications industry.

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MERKOM provides unique solutions for any requirement, from single links to large-scale and tailored telecommunications projects, whether it be fixed infrastructure or comms-on-the-move, MERKOM will design a managed solution for your nexus. It will be a pleasure to simplify your challenges.