About us


Our mission

MERKOM NETWORKS prides itself in being customer centric and strives towards 100% customer satisfaction and building lasting business relationships. Also to provide reliable and cost effective telecommunication solutions to individual customers and large corporates alike.

Who we are

An excess of 15 years’ experience in telecommunication services, including in-depth knowledge of numerous mediums and technologies, makes MERKOM NETWORKS an ideal telecommunications integrator of managed services to upgrade and/or convert existing and legacy networks into, and/or establish state-of-the-art hybrid networks, optimising customers’ technology investments. MERKOM incorporates turn-key delivery to any solution, ensuring efficient start-to-finish project management as well as ongoing support.

What we do

MERKOM NETWORKS will put itself in the customer’s shoes and provide the most viable solution possible that complies with the customer’s requirements. MERKOM will leverage off any medium and technology available to design and implement a customer network. Hybrid networks may consist of fibre, microwave and/or VSAT last miles with data transported over a central MPLS core to facilitate VPN or SD-WAN or MPLS implementations with inter-branch VoIP and video conferencing on a Hosted PBX. As a network integrator, MERKOM will ensure that the customer has the most reliable solution to support its business operations.

Why choose MERKOM?

MERKOM strives for 100% customer satisfaction and prides itself in knowing that services provided are of the highest quality to ensure service delivery is in line with customer expectations.

Whether it be a single link or multiple global interconnections, straight-forward DIA or SD-WAN and MPLS, MERKOM will provide end-to-end management to your entire WAN.

MERKOM ensures that only the latest, tried & tested, technologies are proposed and implemented to ensure that legacy technologies do not damper business operations and future expansion.

An integral part of MERKOM’s customer satisfaction target is after-sales support in the unfortunate event when customers experience problems. MERKOM Networks Operations Centre will tend to any issue, even if unrelated to MERKOM’s services.

With over 15 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, specifically with hybrid networks and technology integration, MERKOM is ideally positioned to manage your WAN nexus.

From internet access to MPLS and VoIP to SD-WAN, you can rest assured when MERKOM takes care of your global network.

Would you like to entrust your telecoms nexus to MERKOM NETWORKS?

MERKOM provides unique solutions for any requirement, from single links to large-scale and tailored telecommunications projects, whether it be fixed infrastructure or comms-on-the-move, MERKOM will design a managed solution for your nexus. It will be a pleasure to simplify your challenges.